Vast, magnificent and inarguably beautiful, the Grand Canyon is easily Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark. A natural wonder you must see to believe. Stretching 277 miles from end to end, its rocky walls descend more than a mile to the canyon’s floor, where the wild Colorado River traces a swift course southwest. Everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once in their life. In 2019, the Grand Canyon celebrated its 100th birthday as a national park. If you’ve never been, this First-Timer’s Guide to the Grand Canyon will help you plan your visit.No matter how much time you have, there are plenty of ways to enjoy an adventure at the Grand Canyon.
While some aspects about the history of incision of the canyon are debated by geologists, several recent studies support the hypothesis that the Colorado River established its course through the area about 5 to 6 million yearsago. Since that time, the Colorado River has driven the down-cutting of the tributaries and retreat of the cliffs, simultaneously deepening and widening the canyon.